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Are you interested in taking care of your mental health?

If your response is yes, then you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Our psychological practice can take care of any and all of your needs.

If you’re on the lookout for a psychologist who is extensively trained, seasoned and knowledgeable, then you can turn to us with all of the confidence and ease in the world.

When you need counselling you can rely upon, you need to reach out to our qualified and detail-oriented staff to make an appointment.

Our psychologists can help you get on track to feeling better about your present and your future.


Why Choose Our Ballarat Psychology Practice?

Depression & Anxiety

If you suffer from intense anxiety, then getting counselling may be able to help free you from that heavy burden.
Common signs of anxiety include but are not limited to issues with focus, exhaustion, agitation, persistent worrying, panicking and lingering headaches.
If you're sick and tired of living with the unpleasant symptoms of anxiety, our psychology team may be able to turn things around for you.

Cognitive-Based Therapy & New Techniques

Our Psychologists utilise the most effective evidence-based approaches to ensure you receive the best psychological support you'll find in Victoria.


Our Psychiatrists also bring forth a vast array of skill sets and extensive experience for the betterment of the client.
Our therapy and counselling techniques are evidence-based and deliver results for our clients.

Group Therapy

The group therapy sessions or support groups include one or two psychologists per session which lead to a therapy session of 5 to 15 patients.

Usually, these sessions talk about depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Online Therapy

We offer telehealth consultations through the use of video conferencing or through audio technology.
This also works like a face-to-face consultation where patients can participate in the therapy sessions wherever they are comfortable as long as it is appropriate for both the patient and the psychologist.

Medicare Rebates

Our psychological therapists also assist with bulk billing and rebate options for eligible clients.

Telehealth Ballarat

Telehealth Psychology

For patients not able to see a psychologist face to face, our practice offers a telehealth consultation option. 

The psychological services and counselling are done with the use of video conferencing or through audio technology. 

These services are provided since they know that some psychological patients cannot face anyone physically. 

Telehealth is also available for couples needing couples therapy.

The patients can participate in the therapy sessions wherever they are comfortable as long as it is appropriate for both the patient and the psychologist.

Telehealth Ballarat

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What We're Offering​

Services with a Psychologist in Ballarat

You can engage with our professional psychology services through a variety of ways that may suit you best:

Individual Therapy

Also called individual counseling, this type of therapy is a personal opportunity for patients to receive growth and psychological help during their challenging times. This type of psychological therapy runs from 45-60 minutes per session.

The group therapy sessions or also called support groups and include one or two psychologists per session which lead to a therapy session of 5 to 15 patients.

Usually, these sessions talk about depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Children Therapy

Our child psychologists can evaluate and provide therapies that help children cope with personality and mental health challenges and work on techniques to assist in these concerns.

They also help youth that experiencing trauma and a stressful home environment through therapies.


How Our Counselling Services Work

Our 3 Phased approach for effective counselling includes:


1st Phase

This is the first step in the therapy sessions provided by our psychologists. At this stage, the problems are assessed and all the information related to the issue is collected. This is a crucial stage of the therapy since missing information may affect the therapy sessions.

Talent management

2nd Phase

After collecting all the information needed and evaluating the status of the patient and how they handle the issue, the therapist creates specific ways how they can help the patient. The therapists set goals with how they want their patients to improve.

The therapy techniques created by the psychologist are applied to their patients during therapy sessions which will eventually heal them from their traumas and help them improve themselves.


Final Phase

The therapy does not end with helping the

patients through the sessions. Once the therapy ends, patients are still monitored if they have improved their psychological being and psychologists help them in being well for the long term.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical therapy appointment?

All the necessary information related to the psychological issue should be presented to the psychologist. Missing information may lead to the wrong therapy approach.

What benefits can I expect from working with a therapist?

We are determined to improve the patient’s self-esteem and strengthen the coping mechanisms for them to enjoy a healthy and normal life.

Should I choose individual or group therapy?

This depends on where you are comfortable. Our psychology practice acknowledges how and when to help people who are scared or shy of opening up to others.

Individual Therapy

We offer this therapy
since we know that there are people who need help with issues that they find
difficult to face alone. With this therapy, patients are discussed ways and
solutions on how they can handle difficult situations and how they can decide
correctly. Some patients prefer individual therapies since they cannot share
their life’s obstacles with others.


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Are you experiencing depression-like symptoms? Anxiety and panic attacks? Have you had it with sleepless nights, broken relationships, continuous ill health and lethargy in general? Reach out to our psychology practice. We specialise in therapy that’s suitable for individuals who are going through all kinds of taxing and complicated situations.

We specialise in therapy that’s comprehensive, detail-oriented and evidence-based. Call our reputable psychology practice without hesitation to make an appointment.

Ballarat Psychologists is a high-quality reputable psychology practice servicing the Ballarat region of Victoria

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